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Hi, I'm Charlotte creator and owner of the Crafty Mama Store, wife to Richard and mum of two crazy but amazing little people (four if you include the cat and dog)

Like many other mums, after the arrival of my eldest child I decided to give up my corporate career in order to be a stay at home mum. At the time, hubby and I were living in the Middle East and after becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of affordable, trendy but practical items to decorate our sons nursery, I decided to have a go at making a few things myself. Several 'how to sew' videos later and I'd made my first set of curtains and I was officially hooked. Soon I was making items for friends then friends of friends and before I knew it what had started as a hobby/odd hour to keep a grasp on my sanity had turned into a fully fledged business and has been growing ever since. 

I'm now based in the UK and after baulking at hubby's increasingly frequent comments that I might want to think about going back to work (I never really enjoyed my old job!) I've decided to officially launch the Crafty Mama Store to try and dodge the desk for a little bit longer!