Mini Storage Baskets - Rocking Horse (Storm Grey)

Mini Storage Baskets - Rocking Horse (Storm Grey)

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A stylish but practical set of mini storage baskets perfect for organising a nappy changing station, storing small toys, clothes toiletries or anything else you can think of.

Size: 25cm long x 15cm wide x 16cm high (approx)

Material: 100% cotton twill or duck outer fabric. 100% cotton lining fabric. Ridgid interfacing.

Care: Machine wash on cool/delicate cycle. Air dry flat and iron on medium setting to restore rigidity.

Bespoke Option: Please contact me if you would like to discuss ordering a bespoke set of storage baskets.

Shipping & Delivery: Free delivery within mainland UK via Royal Mail second class. Please note, the storage baskets will be folded flat for posting and may need a quick iron to restore rigidity.

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